Beach Restaurant

Our restaurant provides all sorts of home made lebanese dishes (seafood speciality).

Night Club

Malibu Bay Nightclub is always ready for a special event to accommodate 400 guests.

Sport Cafe

Just the place if you want to be sure to catch the game, especially if it's a cue game.

Olympic Swimming Pool

Olympic swimming pool, it's a great place to spend time on a sunny summer day.

Terrace Area

Enjoy your morning coffee while watching the sun come up from behind the mountains.

Tennis Court

Playing tennis under the mid-day sun is a great way to break a sweat and enjoy a beautiful day.

Basket Ball Court

Play outside and you will get used to it, how about a basketball game on the beachside.

Children Pool

while you relax, let your little ones enjoy cooling off in a children pool, and they will play for hours!

Children Playground

Let you kids laugh, scream and enjoy each other's company in a safe environment.

Boat Parking

Coming to Malibu Bay by Boat, why not? park your boat in a safe dock, directly in front of the resort.